The Perfect Workout Routine for Teens

The Perfect Workout routine for teens

Homework, school, sports, debate club, girls, boys, food- there is a lot of stuff going on in high school during your teenage years and the gym never even crosses most teenagers mind.

Whether you’re a young man or a young woman, or whatever else you might identify as….going to the gym at this stage of your life is vital!

During this phase of your life, it is a time where you will build your foundation of strength and healthy habits that you will follow and use for the rest of your life (both in the gym and in life!)

When just starting out in the gym and working out during your teenage years, working on good form and progressively getting stronger should be your main focus.

Between all the madness of sports and school, finding just one day a week will benefit anyone!

Ideally 3 or more times a week in the gym will benefit teenagers like yourself the most!

And you don’t have to spend 2-3 hours in the gym like a total gym rat each time you go to the gym.

1 hour or less is enough time to get a great workout in and get the “pump” everyone talks about.

If you’re a teen who has a little more experience in the gym this Workout Routine for teens is probably not the best for you.

BUT, I do have a more advanced routine that you would benefit more from! Check out my Ultimate Muscle Building Workout/Routine for Men!

It is the routine I follow and it’s KILLER. Like I can’t move after each session.

Upper body, Full body, Bro Split? What Split Should I Do as a Teen?

The Perfect workout routine for teens

You may have heard these terms thrown around here and there. But what are they? And what do they mean?

Well I’ll tell you.

Splits are the way you divide your workouts up. They are sometimes referred to as routines or workout routine. It’s as simple as that.

There are tons of splits people do, but the main ones are a upper/lower split, the bro split, and a full body split

Upper/Lower Split Routine

The Upper/Lower split is personally one of my favorites.

The Upper/Lower split splits your workouts into two days: Upper day, which is comprised of working out everything above the waist, and lower day, which is the day everyone dreads and skips.

To do a Upper/Lower split, you start by doing Upper one day, then Lower the next, then rest for a day, then you do it all over again.

Upper/Lower splits are a great split to do once you’ve built up your muscles a little bit. They are better to do once you have a little more endurance built up because they can be pretty gruesome and hard to do!

They allow you to workout each muscle group twice or more a week, which has been found to be optimal for muscle growth!

Full Body Split for Teens

If you are a complete beginner or novice, full body workouts are the way to go.

Full body workouts are the best for teens because you’re probably in a crunch for time and can only make it to the gym once or twice per week (or lucky if that many).

Full body workouts are a great way to dip your toes into the water of fitness, lifting, and workout routines. They allow you to learn about your body and let you burn some fat, build muscle, get in shape, and get your blood pumping!

A full body workout usually has one or two lifts per muscle group and they look something like this.

If you need more full body workouts, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put together 15 full body workouts that you’ll love and will help you out based on your goals.

But at the end of this post I’ll have a full body workout that is a specifically tailored workout routine for teens!

So keep reading!

The Bro Split Workout Routine

The Bro Split workout routine is the most notorious and well known of all the workout routines.

It is probably what you hear all the “Bros” talking about; throwing around the terms “chest day”, “arms day”, “legs day”…

The Bro Split workout routine is a good workout routine where you devote each day of the week to a muscle group.

For Example:

The Bro Split is great once you’re a bodybuilder or advanced. Myself and many others recommend doing a upper/lower split or a variation of the bro split so you workout more than one muscle group each day to avoid fatigue and so you workout each muscle group at least twice a week.

If you’re doing the bro split and need a KILLER WORKOUT check out this one!

The Best Workout Routine for Teens

The best workout routine for teens

The best workout routine or split for teens is the full body split!

If you are just starting out, this routine will be great for you to build up your fitness and build some muscle!

Try out this routine!

Monday: Workout A

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Workout B

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Workout A

Saturday/Sunday: Rest

Monday: Workout B

Wednesday: Workout A
Friday: Workout B

If you need an explanation of the lifts, check out this article that explains the lifts and how to do them!!

Workout A:

Barbell Bench Press: 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps

Barbell Back Squat: 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps

Pull-Ups: 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps

Lying Hamstring Dumbbell Curls: 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps

Standing Overhead Press: 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps

Face Pulls: 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps

Drag Curls: 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps

Workout B:

Barbell Deadlift: 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps

Incline Dumbbell Press: 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps

Bulgarian Split Squat: 3-4 sets of 6-10 reps

Chest Supported Row OR Inverted Row: 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps

Dumbbell Lateral Raises: 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps

Incline Dumbbell Kickbacks: 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps

High to Low Chest Cable Flies: 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps

Diet and Supplements for Teens

There are loads of diets and supplements out there and they all seem to be screaming in your face that you need them!

But in reality you don’t.

Supplements are supplemental to the diet.

You should do your best to get all the nutrients and vitamins from food, then supplements can be used to help meet your nutritional needs.

I personally don’t recommend taking any supplements besides whey protein powder if you’re under 18.

My reasoning behind this (and many others think the same) is because your body is still developing and other crazy supplements could do harm to your body.
Especially if you don’t research anything before you buy it.

Always do your own research before you put anything in our body!

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