Quick Leg Workout for Slimmer Hips and Toned Thighs

Slimmer Hips Workout and Toned Thighs Workout

It seems like most people focus a majority of their time on getting a flatter and more toned stomach, but slimming the hips and toning the thighs come in as a close second! And to do that a slimmer hips workout and thigh toning workout is needed!

For some women, it seems like and may feel like whatever they eat goes straight to their thighs and hips without hesitating or slowing down at all! The thighs and hips just seem to absorb every ounce of food that is eaten and blows up!

If this sounds like you don’t fret because with small changes to your diet and a little bit of the…”e” word…cough, cough…exercise, cough…you can have a slim waist and hips and a body you’re happy with and proud of!

By working out the inner thighs, outer thighs, butt, and hips with this quick fat burning workout for women you’ll get the lower body you want while having a bit of fun!

Why This Workout is the Best for You!

-It’s fun and quick! You won’t be spending an hour to two hours in the gym everyday because you probably don’t have time for that! You’ll only need 15-20 minutes!

-All that is required is a set of dumbbells or some kind of weight, if you don’t have any or can’t find anything check out some ideas on pinterest 🙂

-This workout can be done anywhere

– You’ll burn fat, tone your legs, build your bum, and get a slimmer waist if you keep doing this workout over time!

Fun and Quick Fat Burning Workout for Slimmer Hips and Toned Thighs

Shape your body with this slimmer hips and toned thighs workout! Get the body you want!

Start out by getting warmed up by jogging in place, doing some jumping jacks, jumping rope, or biking if you have a stationary bike near you.

After you’re all warmed up you’re ready to rock this workout and be awesome; except you already are awesome, so more awesome!! 🙂

This workout is a circuit so there will be a set of exercises that you go through 4 or 5 times! Do each exercise until the timer goes off!


Booty Toning Workout: Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks are a great way to workout your glutes and thighs and to shape your booty!

Donkey kicks are a great exercise that works your booty and your lower back! Start by getting on all fours. Then keep one of your legs locked and raise it up! Try to get your heel so it is over your butt! Lower it then quickly switch legs and keep going!

Workout for Outer Thighs and Side Booty: Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are a great workout for the inner thigh and outer thigh! Give them a try to tone your thighs!

The fire hydrant targets the outer glutes, core and hips. This is a great exercise to tone and firm your butt and thighs, strengthen the hips and also to tighten your core.

Stay on all fours from the donkey kicks. Raise one of your legs sideways, and remember to try to keep it at 90 degrees.

Raise it so it is as close to lateral as you can get it!

Do 3 then quickly switch sides and alternate!

Reverse Leg Raise (or plank and reverse leg lift)

The reverse leg raise is a fantastic way to workout your glutes, back, and core!

This exercise is a great booty builder that will help firm and tighten your backside!

Either get into a plank or lie down flat on the floor. Keep your leg straight and raise it by tightening your glutes!

Raise it as high as you can and hold for a count, then lower it and do 2 more on that leg for a total of three then switch legs!

Side Leg Lifts for Outer Thigh

The side leg raise is a great workout to work the inner thighs and outer thighs!

Quickly stand up or stay lying down and turn to your side, then keep your legs straight and raise one leg at a time to the side!

Curtsy Lunge

Sumo Squat

Do each exercise for 30 seconds (switching legs every 3 or 4 moves for the full time) then quickly switch between exercises to keep burning calories and keep your heart rate up!

After going through all the exercises rest for 30 seconds then get right back into it!

Go through all the exercises 4 or 5 times!!

Here’s a graphic of the Quick Leg Workout for Slimmer Hips and Toned Thighs in case you don’t want to scroll through the whole post!

Slimmer Hips Workout and Toned Thighs

Give it a try, share this post, and let me know how much you rocked it!

Do this workout once a week then do different exercises and workouts to give your muscles a break! Check out my other 5 Glutes Workouts for a Bubble Butt and give it a try!


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