Powerful Yoga Workout for Beginners

Powerful Yoga Workouts For Beginners

Yoga is known as a fantastic way to relieve stress, get more flexible, and promote more blood to be circulated throughout the body. Many men look at it as a thing women do in their spare time but it is not!

Yoga is great for men as well! It can help fix any imbalances you have from sitting at a desk all day or fix any soreness you get from working out!

Yoga isn’t just for breathing in and out while tying yourself into a pretzel.

It is also a fantastic way to build and tighten your core as well as strengthen your abs, legs, arms, and shoulders!

If you are a complete beginner to yoga or fairly new to you may find or have already found out that many of the yoga poses are very tiring and engage multiple muscle groups. Many of the yoga poses are variations of planks, squats, pushups, and lunges that work out multiple parts of your body.

When the right moves are put together, you end up with a powerful routine that strengthens all of your muscles, tightens your core, and burns fat!

As you go through this strength building routine you want to go transition through the movements quickly so there is more of a flow throughout the routine and get your heart pumping and muscles firing!

As you are doing  this beginner Yoga Workout for Strength make sure you listen to your body and know when enough is enough. But at the same time challenge yourself to grow and gain more strength and balance!

Powerful Yoga Workout and Routine for Beginners

1. Plank/Pushup

Hand Plank Power Yoga Workout for Beginners
Pushup; Powerful Yoga Workout for Beginners

As many of you may know, planking is a fantastic yoga pose that tightens and strengthens your core, abs, and shoulders. Add some pushups in, and you’ve got yourself a full upper body yoga move that workouts your shoulders, chest, arms, and of course your abs!

If you can’t do pushups, then do a normal plank then quickly drop to your knees and do a knee pushup!

Key Points:

  • Squeeze your cheeks and suck your belly in to engage your core more

Pushup quickly and in an explosive manner

Plank for 5 seconds, do a pushup, plank for 5 seconds, do a pushup….go until you’ve done 6 pushups! ( 30 seconds total)

Don’t fall down in a heap at the end…were just getting started!

2. 3 Legged Dog

3 Legged Dog yoga Pose; Powerful Yoga Workout for Beginners

As soon as you are done with your planks/pushups move your arms a little close to your feet and get into a downward dog position.

Then swing one of your legs straight up to get into the 3 Legged Dog yoga pose!

This pose is a great move to work on your core, balance, and glutes!

If this pose is too difficult then instead do a downward facing dog which is the pose you do with both legs down.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

3. Full Lunge

Full Lunge Powerful Yoga Workout for Beginners

With the leg that is up in the air swing your leg through and up in between your arms.

Then stand up into a lunge position!

Keep your hands straight above your head and hold the pose for 30 seconds.

4. Lizard Lunge

Lizard Lunge Yoga Pose; Powerful Yoga Workout for Beginners

The lizard lunge doesn’t really work anything besides your balance, but it is a great hip opener that will stretch and release the tight hip muscles that we all have!

Go from your lunge by dropping your back knee to the floor. Adjust your front foot as needed.

Put your hands on the inside of your body so your elbow that is on the same side of your front foot is touching that knee.

Hold for 30 seconds.

Next, sit up and take the same hand the was touching the knee and push the inside of your knee with that hand and turn your hips outward.

Hold the stretch for 30 seconds.

5. Repeat 1-4 Until You've Done Each Leg Twice!

After your done with the Lizard lunge get back into the plank position and restart with the plank/pushup and go through everything again!

The second time through lift up your other and lunge with that leg!

After you’ve gone through twice go through another 2 times!!

Take a small sip of water and take a 30 second break after you have gone through everything twice on each side. 🙂

6. Chair

Chair Yoga Pose; Powerful Yoga Workout for beginners

The chair pose is a pose that works on your legs and lower body muscles!

To do the chair yoga pose put your hands straight above your head and sit down as if there were a chair underneath you.

Don’t go down all the way though. Otherwise you might fall on your tuchus.

Go down and drop your hips back so your legs are around a 60 degree angle. Hold the chair pose for 45 seconds.

Feel the burn.

7. Touch Your Toes

Touch Toes; Powerful Yoga Workout For Beginners

As soon as the 45 seconds is up, straighten your legs, and then reach down and touch your toes with both hands.

Try to keep your legs as straight as possible!

Hold for 30 seconds.

8. Warrior II

Pick one leg you want to start with and do the Warrior II yoga pose for 35 seconds then move on to the Peaceful Warrior yoga pose!

9. PeaceFul Warrior

Transistion from Warrior II to Peaceful warrior to get a nice leg burn and stretch along your side!

Hold Peaceful Warrior for 30 Seconds!

After you are done with peaceful warrior repeat 6-9 and when you start doing the warrior poses put your other foot forward!

10. Child's Pose

Childs Pose Yoga; Powerful Yoga Workout for Beginners

Child’s pose is another great hip opener and is one of my favorite yoga poses!

This pose is for more of a cool down towards the end and is for you to relax and just sink into the floor!

To do this pose start by standing up and putting your toes together.

Next lower lyourself down to the ground keeping the toes together and spread your knees a little bit and put them on the floor as well.

After that put your face to the floor with your arms outstretched in front of your head!

You’re now doing the child’s pose!

Hold for 45 seconds.

11. Savasana

After you are done with the child’s pose turn over onto your back and put your arms by your side.

Close your eyes, and relax everything in your body-your eyebrows, cheeks, chest, legs, hips, back-everything!

Hold for one minute or even longer if you need it or happen to fall asleep.

Well that is it for the Powerful Yoga Workout for Beginners! Hopefully your body is a little sore (in a good way) and relaxed at the same time!

Use this routine anytime you need to relieve some stress or tighten up your muscles and physique a bit!


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