Killer Mens Lower Abs Workout for 6 Pack

A six pack is a timeless look that is one of the sexiest muscles any man build. A problem many men face when trying to get a six pack is shredding lower belly fat and getting the lower abs to come in!

The lower abs are the most stubborn part of the abs to develop and have them show. Many of you probably have a 2 or maybe a 4 pack that shows right now.

If you can’t see any of your abs at all, you’ve got to cut a little bit more fat to see them.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do this lower abs workout for men, it just means you won’t see the results until you shred that extra layer of fat.

The lower abs require different movements than you would regularly do to get that extra set of abs to come in.

That means old fashioned crunches aren’t going to cut it.

Doing an abs workout that emphasizes your lower abs once and expecting a miracle will not help you out.

You’ve also got to be consistent.

Do this workout once, twice, or three times a week!

Diet for a 6 Pack

Diet is just as important as working out.

Even if you can see your 2 pack or 4 pack.

You can’t do this abs workout then “reward” yourself with a big mac, shake, and fries.

Watch your diet and start to slowly shred that last little bit of fat.

Watching your diet and cutting doesn’t mean you have to get down to like 5% body fat. A little bit of fat is healthy and you’ll be able to see a good part of your abs around 10%-15% body fat. You won’t look shredded and cut, but you’ll be able to see most of your abs.

But shredding a pound or two of extra fat will work miracles for your physique and midsection.

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Lower Abs Exercises for Men

1. Reverse Crunches

Reverse Crunches are a great way for men to lazer in on their lower abs. Reverse Crunches work your abs a lot differently than the old fashioned crunch. For reverse crunches you bring your legs and hips up and instead of pulling your upper body up and in.

To do a reverse crunch bring your legs up so they are at 90 degrees and keep your hands at your side.

Then pull your hips up and crunch them in and squeeze and hold for 1 or 2 seconds.

Then return to your starting position.

2. V-Ups

V-ups are another variation of the crunch. The main difference between the two is that V-ups make you use your abs at a different angle.

When doing V-ups you’ll feel all your abs burning and begging you to stop.

But don’t.

To do V-ups start by doing a leg lift and bring your legs straight up to about 60 degrees.

Then touch your toes with both hands.

Don’t jerk and use your upper body to pull yourself up to your feet. Squeeze your abs and use them to pull yourself up.

3. Leg Circles

Leg circles are another fantastic way to target the lower abs.

Start by lying on your back and lift your legs off the ground a couple inches.

Keep your legs straight, core engaged, and toes up.

Then move them in a nice big circle clockwise. Go in that direction for a set amount of time or number of circles then go the other direction for the same amount.

4. Lying Leg Lifts (With Hip Raise)

Lying leg lifts are similar to V-ups but instead your keeping your hands down, and pushing your legs up with your abs!

5. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are a great core and abs workout. You can also add variations where you take it slower and bring one of your knees up to your opposite elbow.

Another variation you can do is to pull one of your knees outside your body and touch the elbow on the outside!

There are tons of other variations that will put a certain emphasis on each section of your abs!

Try them all out!

6. Dead Bug

The dead bug is touted as one of the best abs workouts you can do.

It requires a band and pole to wrap the band around.

Men’s health has a great guide on how to do it.

Here is a video, but if you need anymore instruction then click here.

7. Cable Crunches

Cable crunches workout both your lower and upper abs so you’re getting a 2 for 1 workout right here.

For cable crunches you’ll need a cable machine as it is implied in the name of the workout.

I also recommend getting a pad of some sort for your knees because this workout will wreck your knees if you don’t have any padding underneath them.

But if you’re tougher than tough and eat a bowl of nails for breakfast you won’t use a pad.

Here’s a great video showing how it’s done.

8. Ab Scissors

Scissors are a burner that will shred your abs after doing these a couple times.

Start by lying on your back with your hands by your side and your legs straight.

Raise your legs an inch or two off the ground.

Raise one leg 6 inches then lower it. As the leg you raised up is coming down raise your other leg.

Continue alternating for a set amount of time or until your abs give out if you’re hardcore.

Pro Tip: Don’t let your legs touch the ground at all for the whole movement.

That concludes Mr.Workout’s Lower abs workout for men!

Now that you have the knowledge it is up to you to get your lower abs to come in! Work hard and keep on that grind and you’ll be where you want to be in no time.

Give this workout a try then remember to keep doing it if you want to see results!


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