How to Get Bigger Arms: 4 Secrets You Must Know

There has to be a secret to getting bigger arms right?

I mean look at the hunks who have bigger arms than most people’s legs!

Maybe those with big arms have made a deal with the devil himself and have gotten themselves into a heap of voodoo and trouble. Or maybe they all take the “big arm supplement” that the fitness industry has kept hidden. Or maybe it is included in a timeshare package.

The truth is that there’s no secret.

All the information you need to know is on the internet (cough, cough….I don’t know maybe but many people are oblivious to the information or follow “gym-bro” advice that hovers around the gym and workout groups.

The true “secrets” for getting bigger arms are lifting more, doing big compound lifts, nutrition, and consistency.

These “secrets” may seem lame and stupid but they are the path to big arms!

Many of you will probably stop reading now because I’m not offering a quick fix to get big arms or a “quick and easy way to add 1 inch to your arms!”.

The road to big arms is long…very long and is full of ups and downs.

There are not any shortcuts …besides making a deal with the devil…and it is a hard fact that many people don’t like to hear.

But that’s my job.

Keeping it real with you guys and gals with what you need to hear and what works and not tell you what you want to hear.

How to Get Bigger Arms: Lifting More

If you are wondering how to get bigger arms, lifting more is essential!

This is the best “secret” to getting bigger arms and is the one most people follow but neglect the other 3.

Many people who go to the gym do the “bro split” which means doing 1 or two muscle groups a day and hitting each muscle group once a week.

I mean at least you’re making it to the gym, that will give you tons of benefits alone but if your main goal is to get big arms you need to be targeting the arms 2-3 times every and each week.

If you love the bro split and don’t want to change to an upper-lower split or a push-pull split then you must add in extra arm lifts after your regular workout on the days you usually don’t hit arms.

Adding in another arm day or adding extra arm lifts every two days will result in greater muscle gain.

It’s been proven that lifting a muscle group 2-3 times a week results in optimum gains.

Another way you can do your split, which is the way I prefer, is an upper-lower split or a push-pull split.

This split will have you hit each body part twice a week.

So you’ll be getting twice the gains twice a week.

Secret #2 to Getting Bigger Arms: Focus on Your Nutrition

Nutrition is just as important as lifting! If you're trying to get bigger arms make sure you are getting the nutrition you need!

Nutrition is an aspect many neglect or never even think about when working out.

If you are not getting an adequate amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, water, and carbs in your diet your GAINZ will suffer.

If your GAINZ suffer all the hard work in the gym will lead to small increases in size and will lead to a loss in motivation and maybe eventually to you giving up or quitting.

Giving up and quitting is the final nail in the coffin and the short term death to your goal.

SO make sure you are getting enough food, protein, vitamins, and WATER (we all don’t drink enough…) in your gut to build up your arms big and strong.

Step 3 to Getting Bigger Arms: Compound Lifts

Compound lifts are a great way to get a workout in and help you on your quest to get bigger arms!

Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that help in building size and strength. Isolation exercises (involving single joint), on the other hand, help in building muscle definition and separation. If you’re just starting or have hit a plateau, compound exercises will help take your gains to the next level.

Compound lifts are important for your whole physique as well as your arms.

Big compound lifts like squat, bench, deadlift, and pull ups are going to help you to build a strong base to build off of and help you get big arms.

If you look at all the guys with big arms, they aren’t just skinny and have 25”-30” arms attached to their bodies.

They have a strong and big base that their arms compliment!

So make sure you aren’t only hitting arms when you go to the gym. Hit legs, chest, back, shoulders, and all the other muscle groups with big compound lifts.

The Most Important "Secret" to Getting Bigger Arms: Consistency and Progression

How to get bigger arms: Never give up. Don't quit!

This last “secret for getting big arms” is the most important out of all of these.

Consistency and Progression.

Getting big arms is a marathon and not a short sprint.

To get big arms, it will take months or even close to a year to see results.

Getting into the gym every morning, or 3x-4x a week over the course of a year is the true way to get big arms.

It’s not easy and you will probably miss a workout or two…or ten during your time, but the key is to not give up and to keep on grinding.

The key is to appreciate the small wins and the small improvements you make to your physique each week and months.

They won’t be huge improvements, but it will be things like being able to see another vein or barely being able to see your peak coming in, or maybe seeing a bigger peak.

But celebrate those small wins and motivate yourself to push for more GAINZ!!

Another aspect of getting big arms is progression.

As you get stronger and stronger you’ve got to up the weight, reps, or sets as you go.

An easy way to do that is to push for one more rep each time your in the gym.

For example, if you usually do 3 sets of 8 reps with 30 lbs for curls, then on your 3rd set push for 9 reps.

Then the next time try to do 9 on the 2nd and 3rd set. Then try to do 10 for all 3, then try 35 lbs for 5 or 6 reps.

Just keep pushing and pushing to lift more and more (but make sure you keep great form and don’t cheat).

That wraps up the “secrets for getting big arms”!

To wrap it all up in a nice little package remember that there are no secrets to getting big arms besides hard work.

You’ve got to lift more, use big compound lifts in your routine, watch your nutrition, and be consistent and progress each time your in the gym or each week.

If you do these things I can promise you’ll see results!

Now commit yourself to become a better you, make a plan, and execute it!!!

I believe in you!


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