The Perfect Hotel Gym Workout While on Vacation or Traveling

Traveling comes with its perks but also has some disadvantages.

 For starters, if you are going on vacation you get to look forward to relaxing, enjoying some quality time with your family or yourself, not having to worry about cooking, and maybe getting to spend some time at the beach (who wouldn’t want that?).

But, it also has some disadvantages that aren’t so fun.

I won’t make a list of disadvantages I’ll let you use your imagination, but one downside I’m sure you thought of was a shizzy, shotty, dump-like place they call a gym.

To top it off most or some of the equipment is broken or looking like its gone through hell.

Every blue moon you may come across a hotel gym that is amazing and is like the gym you go to where you live!

But more often than not that is not the case…

Many times there are two situations we all are presented with:

-the hotel doesn’t have a gym

– the hotel has a “gym” with a mirror, hand weights/dumbbells, a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and if you’re lucky a few other pieces of equipment.

Given those situations you are then presented with two choices:


-don’t workout

By clicking on this article I can tell you’ve likely chosen the “workout” choice!

Good work.

If you are on the fence, you should suck it up and go workout so you can get your blood pumping, build some muscle/maintain your muscle mass, and burn some calories to blast fat away!

Who wouldn’t want that!?

Pro Tip: You’ll feel better and be happier too

If the hotel you’re at doesn’t have a fitness center or gym then check out my hotel room workout article and hotel pool workout articles!

Anyways onto the hotel “gym” workout!!

The workout will be a full body workout because of the lack of equipment.

If you have access to more gym equipment then feel free to do a upper/lower split, push/pull split, or a bro split.

Hotel Gym Workout



Warm up


As always you need to warm up so you don’t pull or tear any muscles or throw out your back…or anything else…


To warm up get on the treadmill or elliptical machine for 5 minutes and work your way up to a brisk walk or jog, or whatever the equivalent of those are on the elliptical machine…


If your hotel gym doesn’t have a treadmill or elliptical machine do jumping jacks for 30 seconds, high knees for 30 seconds, butt-kickers for 30 seconds, and toe-touches for 30 seconds.


If you’re still not warmed up go through it again or do some other warm up exercises.


1. Dumbbell Squat


Pop a squat!


Grab a weight/weights you’re comfortable doing squats with and get squatting!


You can either use one dumbbell and do a goblet squat or hold two and keep your hands to your side.


Use good form


(if the gym only has fairly light weights then do 20-25 reps per set)


10-12 reps

Rest 1 min.

4-5 sets


2. Plank Circuit


If there is a yoga mat or pad there grab it and spread it out! If not go cop a towel from the pool area so you don’t kill your elbows/forearms on the floor.


Plank 45 seconds

Side Plank 30 seconds

Side Plank (other side) 30 seconds

Rest 1 minute

Repeat 3 times


3. Dumbbell Bench Press


If there is a bench there then grab it and start benching with dumbbells. If not then do push-ups.


(if the gym only has fairly light weights then do 20 reps)


10-12 reps

Rest 1-3 minutes between sets

4 sets


Push-up Variation


Rest 1-3 minutes between sets

1st set: Max Push-ups (do as many as you can)

2nd set: 75% of what you got the 1st set

3rd set: 75% of what you got the 2nd set

4th set: Max Push-ups (do as many as you can)


4. Dumbbell Row


After you’re done with the DB Bench Press rest a little bit then start rowing away!!


(if the gym only has fairly light weights then do 20 reps)


10-12 reps

Rest 1-3 minutes between sets

4 sets


5. Dumbbell Dead-lift/Calf raises


Super-set the Dumbbell dead-lift with calf raises.


Dead-lift 15 reps

Calf raises 20 reps

Rest 1-3 minutes

Repeat 3 times


6. Bicep Curl/Triceps Kickbacks


Super-set Bicep Curl with Triceps Kickbacks


Curl 8-12 reps

Kickback 8-12 reps

Rest 1-3 minutes



7. Cool down


Now that you’ve finished your workout stretch it out, walk on the treadmill, or go jump in the pool…you’ve earned it!


Now you have no more excuses for missing a workout while on vacation or traveling! If you’re at the same hotel for more than one day try my hotel room workout and hotel cardio pool workout!!


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