5 Lifts to Get Cannon Ball Shoulders! (Pros Do)


Shoulders are the 3rd sexiest muscle that

comes right after the abs and chest, so make sure you do these lifts to complete the package.


Getting a set of well-balanced cannonball-shaped shoulders is a must. In order to get the aforementioned look, all 3 sides of the shoulder must be worked out.


The 3 heads of the deltoid are the…




By hitting all 3, it will make any physique look more complete. Many gym goers focus mostly on the anterior and the lateral sections but omit the posterior head in their workouts. This leads to unbalanced shoulders that could possibly lead to injuries in the future.

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1. Military press


This lift is first on the list because it allows you to load up a lot of weight and it engages the anterior and the lateral parts of your shoulder.

It also uses parts of your upper chest. 

This lift is a compound lift that engages many groups of muscles and allows bigger loads to be introduced than other shoulder lifts. This exercise can be done seated or standing, with a barbell or with dumbbells.

I personally like to do the standing military press with a barbell but a study shows that doing a seated military press with a barbell is the best way to engage and isolate the anterior head of the shoulder for any lift.

Every week you do shoulders make sure you do this lift first after you’ve warmed up because this lift is tiring and it is one of the best ones for gainz. 

Also, switch it up a little every now and again and do seated, standing, with a barbell, and with dumbbells.

2. Upright Row


Upright Row is the next lift on our list. The

upright row hits the lateral part and some of the front parts of the shoulder.

This lift is another lift that uses a lot of muscles and you can go fairly heavy on, so make sure you do this lift early in your routine.

This one made the list because it is a compound movement that hits the lateral part of the shoulder. Lifters like Arnold Schwarzenegger include this workout in their routines so you should too!

This lift can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, or cables. Switch our which ones you do each week to get variation in your workout.

3. Reverse Flyes


The reverse fly is on our list because it is one of the best ways to hit the posterior head of the shoulder. Hitting these puppies are a must as I mentioned before. For many lifters, this part of the shoulder is underdeveloped so make sure you include this or another variation in your routine. This lift can be done seated with dumbbells or with cables. The study found that doing machine reverse flyes activates the posterior part of the shoulder more than other lifts! If you can find another way to do these then comment down below and tell me.

4. Frontal Raise


The frontal raise hits the anterior portion of the shoulder.

It doesn’t engage it as much as the military press but this is one of the next best lifts to isolate it.

Make sure when doing this lift you use a full range of motion until the weight gets to shoulder height. Like the other lifts, this exercise has many different variations that can be done with cables, dumbbells, and barbells.

Like I’ve said before mix it up and keep your shoulders on their toes so they don’t get used to one variation.

5. Lateral Raise


Guess which head focuses on? If you guessed the lateral head give yourself a pat there. This lift is the best lift that engages the lateral part of the shoulder (1). When doing this lift make sure you are going all the way up to shoulder height. You will be using less weight but it puts more tension on the muscles and isolates the shoulder more. Also, do not bend your elbows. Bending the elbows takes some of the load off of the shoulder and decreases the tension. Keep your arms between the range of 165-180 degrees in order to get the most gainz. (I highly recommend you read the study I linked)


This list is fairly simple but these are the best lifts for all heads of the shoulder. If you agree give this post a like and share it on pinterest, facebook, instagram, or whatever you use to share cool stuff on! Also drop a comment below!

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