Lazer in On Your Inner Chest! (It Will Surprise You)


Have you ever wanted to be able to hold a pencil….with your PECS?


It is a major accomplishment to add a 3rd hand to your body. Being able to hold a pencil/pen/beer/car keys with your chest is wonderful and it’s almost like you’ve got a pocket on your body where you can put stuff.


Hahaha I’m joking about the pocket part and the beer part (send me a pic if you can hold a beer with your pecs), it would be very uncomfortable to be squeezing for that long and that hard! But in order to get to the point where you can hold small objects, you must develop the inner part of your chest!


Before reading this article I recommend reading about the 5 key elements to getting a bigger chest! It sets a foundation for building chest muscle (or any muscle for that matter) and it will put you in the right mindset from the get-go!

Back to the inner chest; the inner chest must be developed so you can hold shit in between your pecs!


The 4 best lifts to target the inner chest are






I bet you look like Po right now from Kung-Fu-Panda after he receives the legendary dragon scroll, and discovers there is nothing on it!


I’ll tell you a secret many people don’t know.


The inner chest is a part of the chest that doesn’t exist!


There is no such thing as an inner chest muscle!

People for years have been sharing great and fantastic workouts for the chest and say they target the inner chest! When in reality, there is no such thing as the inner chest and they are just saying it to get the click, or possibly because they are misinformed!

How do you know there is no Inner Chest?


There’s tons of information (…cough…cough..misinformation) about the inner chest that is out there!! You may be thinking what the heck is this mumbo jumbo Mr.Workout is talking about? What he’s saying can’t be true!


But it is true.


There is no inner chest!


In order to show this, we must look at the actual muscles of the chest.


The main muscle of the chest is called the pectoralis major. The pectoralis major is made up of 3 heads: the clavicular head, sternocostal head, and abdominal head.


Take note of how there is no perctoralis inneralis head or inner-chestulis head or something along those lines.


There is also a muscle called the pectoralis minor that is smaller, and it sits underneath the 3 heads. It’s responsible for pulling your shoulders up and down.


But back to the main part of the chest. These 3 heads of the pectoralis major fan from parts of your arm out to your sternum and ribs. They are mostly “push” muscles and help you push things away from your body.


You can target the different heads of the chest though! By changing the angle of resistance, it will put more stress (the good kind) on the 3 parts of your chest and target the area!

So All Hope is Lost and I Can’t Build a Defined Inner Chest?


Yes, you can! You’re dream is not over yet! It can be attained!


I imagine when you clicked on this article you were really looking for “lifts that would help make your pecs more defined and create the “line” you see on many fitness models and ripped guys/gals”.


But it’s easier to say “how to target the inner chest”, “how to work out the inner chest”, or “how to hold a pencil with your inner chest”; so you looked that up instead or clicked on it.


In order to create the “line” part of your chest, you must have a balanced and developed set of pecs.


That’s it.


By training all 3 parts of the chest (upper chest, middle chest, and lower chest) you will slowly build the defining line in the middle of your chest.


As you workout all 3 areas of the chest, it will simultaneously be building the part of your chest that is closer to your mid-line.


In order to build the defining line in the middle of your chest you must know:


The 5 key elements to building a bigger chest (get a free workout too!)

The best lifts for the upper chest

The best lifts for the middle chest

The best lifts for the lower chest


Check out the posts I’ve written about those lifts and you’ll have the information to build a solid chest. Now all you have to do is to make a plan, hit the gym, and stick to it!


If you liked this post leave a like, subscribe, and leave a comment if you didn’t know there was no such thing as the inner chest! Also, share this article with others so they can become educated!


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