Anytime Anywhere Workout! (6 exercises)


For many of us, making it to the gym 2-3 times a week or even more isn’t possible.


Everyone has different and unique circumstances. I’m sure you’ve got kids, work, hobbies, friends, a significant other, or other things that take up your time and make it difficult to get a great workout at the gym.


Or maybe you can’t make it to your regular gym because you are traveling on a business trip or on vacation and be forced to use shotty and less than ideal equipment hotels offer…or don’t.


Going to the gym is a pretty big sacrifice to make each week. It takes around 1-3 hours out of your day after you account for driving there, working out, driving back, and maybe showering after you’re done!


Many people do not have that amount of time in their day.


Everyone is allotted 24 hours in a day, but sometimes it feels like you’ve only got 12, and those twelve are all taken up! Getting a workout in is a miracle in itself!


But after reading this post, that will no longer be the case!


Some of you may or may not have the problem of making it to the gym and have it drilled into your daily or weekly routine.


But as I mentioned before for many of us this is not the case.


If you fit into the “no time” category keep reading because there are a couple solutions to the problem of not having enough time to make it to the gym.

Option 1: Bring the Gym to your Home


The first way of solving the problem is bringing the gym to your home by building a home gym!

 Bringing the gym to your home by building a home gym can save you the time you would usually spend on your commute to the gym, which may save 5 minutes to an hour of your time! It will also save you the cost of a gym membership each month or for the year!

Building a home gym is a great thing to do if you have the time, resources, space, and money.


I’ll go more in depth into it on another post soon but if you feel like you can make one, and more importantly will use it! Then do it!


For others, a home gym is not a viable option.


Either there is not enough space in your own garage or home, it would cost too much to build, or maybe you don’t feel like you would use it, or don’t want to take the hassle upon yourself of building it.


Well, our next solution is for you.



Option 2: Home workouts!


Home workouts are a great way to get your blood pumping, build muscle, and burn calories!


There are many benefits you can get from working out in general such as an increase in happiness and health benefits!


If you don’t know all the benefits you get from working out read this article!


Home workouts can be done with body-weight exercises or with relatively cheap equipment and or things you may have around the house like milk jugs, office chairs, children, or other household items!


Home workouts also don’t take that much space to do so you can do them in:


-hotel rooms

-your living room





-on the roof if you’re feeling it


(Note: don’t do workouts on your roof….that’d be stupid and dangerous…)


The point is that they can basically be done anywhere and at any time so there is nothing stopping you from doing them besides your own will and excuses.


There are many benefits that you can get or do with home workouts that you can’t get anywhere else like wearing whatever you want!


(If you want to read about some more benefits of home workouts, check out this post from my friends over at


You can also tailor the workout to fit your needs and time!


So if you only have 10 minutes, you can squeeze a short intense workout in without having to go anywhere or make any big commitments!


If you have 30 or 40 minutes you can do a longer workout that burns more calories and builds more muscle.


Luckily for you, I’ve got a killer workout that is a calorie blaster and muscle builder!


This workout doesn’t require any gym equipment or household items and mainly uses body-weight exercises.


This workout hits the full body so you don’t have to worry about doing workout splits or targeting certain muscles!


For this workout you will go through at least 3 times. Try to move to the next exercise without resting, but if you need to that is fine.

1. Push Ups


The first exercise that you will do is push ups!


Push Ups workout the chest, arms, core, and shoulders. They are great if you are trying to build a bigger chest or get a perkier chest. If you can’t do a push up then do knee push ups.


Beginner: 10 push ups

Intermediate/ Advanced: 15

God Status: Do clap push ups instead


2. Squats

 Look at this little dude pop a squat. What a stud.

After you are done with push ups jump up and start doing squats!


Squats are a great leg workout that works the front of your leg (quads), back of your leg (hamstring), glutes, and core!


They also can help with ankle and knee stability!


Beginner: Squat 15 times

Intermediate/Advanced: Squat 25 times

God Status: Squat down and jump every other rep


3. Plank


After your done squatting get down on your elbows and hands and start planking! Planks are a great workout to engage your core and shoulder muscles! Make sure you’re squeezing your glutes together and tightening your midsection when doing these to do the correct form!


Beginner: 30 seconds

Intermediate/Advanced: 45 or 60 seconds

God Status: Stop here on your workout and plank for the rest of eternity…or just go for 1 minute and 30 seconds…same thing


4. Rest


Take a small break if you need one


Beginner: 1 minute

Intermediate/Advanced: 30 seconds

God Status: What’s rest? Don’t take a break here, move onto the next exercise


5. Burpees


Burpees are a great movement that pretty much workout your whole body and are great to burn calories!


Beginner: 10 burpees

Intermediate/Advanced: 15 burpees

God Status: Do a backflip after each burpee…just kidding, do 20 burpees

6. Glute bridge


The glute bridge is a great exercise for your glutes, leg, and core! Make sure you’re squeezing your glutes and keeping your body straight and stiff! Don’t sag!


Beginner: Bridge for 30 seconds

Intermediate/Advanced: Bridge for 1 minute

God Status: …


7. Crunches/Sit Ups


Crunches are great for the abs and burning fat! Do these right after the glute bridge.


Beginner: 10 crunches/sit ups

Intermediate/Advanced: 20 crunches/sit ups

God Status: 30 crunches/sit ups


8. Rest, Rinse, and Repeat


Take a 1-3 minute break and start it over again!


(go back and start doing pushups again and restart the cycle)


Beginner: 3 sets

Intermediate/Advanced: 4-5 sets

God Status: 6 sets


If you are doing the beginner amounts, this workout will take 15-20 minutes to complete! If you are doing the Intermediate/Advanced or God status it will take a little longer. Again this workout can be done anywhere and the only reason why you can’t is because of the excuses you make!


Try this workout out and tell me how it went in the comments section!




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