25 Killer Lifts to Get Massive Triceps

 The triceps are like the red headed step child of the arm. The golden child, the biceps, are given all the attention, love, affection, and work put into them.

The triceps on the other hand just happen to be there and may be given attention every now and again.


Many people only care about their “gunz” and how big they look! Because of this many gym fanatics will do curls till their arms fall off in order to get bigger arms.


BUT, this mindset and ideology is a CRITICAL mistake many people make when trying to get bigger arms!


If you want bigger arms to fill your shirts, suits, and jackets, then giving the triceps a little more love and attention will do wonders!

 The reason why working out your triceps

will be the key to getting big arms instead of having small arms is because the triceps actually make up about 2/3’s of your upper arm mass!


Let me say that again, the triceps make up around 2/3’s of your arm!


Not focusing on your triceps is foolish!


I am not saying that you should only devote time to the triceps or 2/3’s of your arm workout to the triceps.


What I am saying is that instead of only focusing on the biceps you should instead be spending an equal amount of time or as close as you can get to an equal amount on the triceps and biceps!


You will see greater results by doing this!


In this post I’ve included 25 triceps lifts that will help you on your path to getting bigger, more toned triceps!


A couple of these lifts can be done anywhere!


Possible places include but are not limited to:


-the gym

-your house

-your couch

-on vacation

-another planet

-next to your bed

-on the lawn

-in a tree

-on your roof


Anyways, onto the lifts

Lifts that can be done anywhere!


These lifts can pretty much be done anywhere at anytime unless your injured…or don’t have arms.


If you don’t fall into one of those two categories then there is nothing stopping you from getting a good triceps workout at least once a week!

1. Close Hand Push Up


This lift may be basic but don’t let it fool you. It’s a great triceps exercise! Especially because it can be done anywhere!


A normal push up is a killer exercise for your chest and arms, but by moving the hand position in closer it puts more emphasis on the triceps!


This lift still works some of the chest and other upper body muscles, but you should feel a burn in your triceps!


Up above is a great video explaining how to properly do one! Skip to 1:00 to see the actual push up!


She is using a yoga mat in the video…although it is not necessary to have one when doing this lift, having one is nice. Check out these great yoga mat I found on amazon!



2. Diamond Push Up


Diamond push ups are just a slight variation to the close hand push ups.


The difference between the two is hand positioning.


In the diamond push up the hands are directly underneath the chest, and the thumbs and index fingers form a “diamond” or square, and it changes the load on the triceps.


By changing the technique and load in turn it will use different muscles in the triceps and chest!


(photo credit: www.borntoworkout.com)

3. Bench Dips


This exercise is another one that can basically be done anywhere! All you need is a flat raised surface like a bed, chair, bench, or small table!


This lift is a variation of the traditional dip you see being done or do at gyms. This one is a great triceps lift and is great to do at the gym as a finisher exercise!


To do the lift properly, do them like the gentleman in this gif is doing them.


If you don’t have a chair, bed, small table, or bench to do these on or can’t find one to borrow I am truly sorry. You must have it rough. Here’s one I found that you could use.


God bless you and I hope your life gets easier.



Lifts that can be done with dumbbells or little equipment


The next set of lifts can be done with dumbbells or small amounts of equipment.


If you don’t have dumbbells or don’t want to go buy some you can use a milk jug full of water or milk or maybe a backpack with heavy stuff in it…get creative.


Or you can always pretend your lifting weights and just go through the movements….but you’ll look like a fool.


I warned you here and now so don’t come crying to me when someone tells you that you look like a buffoon when your doing these without some sort of weight!


4. One arm overhead extension


This classic exercise that will torch those triceps and make them burn when done correctly!


Pro Tip: Make sure you don’t grab too much weight.


You want to control the motion through both the eccentric and concentric phases. You also don’t want to drop the weight on your head and look look like a fool doing so.


(photo credit: www.workoutlabs.com)

5. Kick Back


When done correctly, kick backs are one of the most effective lifts you can do! This exercise works the lateral and long heads of the triceps.


Here is a video showing how to do the lift correctly and with good form.




6. Underhand Kickback


This is a variation of the kickback. With this lift you hold the dumbbell so the ends are facing towards your hip. This variation changes the load and works different parts of the tricep.


Do it the same as you would a regular kickback except use the underhand grip!

7. Seated Overhead triceps extension


This lift works both of your triceps as the same time. Do this lift if you’re short on time or don’t want to do a lift where you have to switch hands/arms.


To do this lift grab the dumbbell with a diamond grip and hoist it up above your head. Keep your elbows in the same place, and lower the weight back and up in a controlled manner.


8. Tate press


To do this lift start by lying back on a bench with dumbbells in each hand with your arms extended over your chest and palms facing your feet.


Point your elbows outward and bend them to lower the weights almost to your chest, so they make L shapes.


Extend your elbows.


Rinse and repeat until you’ve finished you’re set.



Lifts that can be done in the Gym


The next set of lifts can be done in the gym.


Unless you’ve got equipment like a bar, dip bar, and cable machine at your house you’ll be doing these in the gym.


9. Dips


Dips are an exercise sent from the gods themselves to assist in building a solid chest and massive triceps.

Dips are one of the best lifts you can do for your triceps and chest!


If they get to easy with your own body weight start adding weight!


Here is a video showing how it’s done.


10. Skull crusher


The skull crusher lift is another great lift to target the triceps!


Make sure you keep your elbows in the same place when doing this lift to make sure you are isolating the triceps muscles.


Pro Tip: Make sure you don’t use to much weight or you will actually crush your skull.


11. Single Arm Cable Extension


Yet again, this is a great lift for the triceps…what lift on this list isn’t??


The single arm cable extension can be done a million different ways!


Other ways you can do this lift are:

-on a bench and do it like a kickback

-set the cable lower and do it like a single arm dumbbell extension

-face sideways and pull across your body


12. Machine Tricep Extension


There’s not a lot to say with this one…it works your triceps and you follow the instructions on the machine…that’s about it.

TRX Triceps Exercise

The next 3 exercises are done with a TRX band. By doing the lifts with TRX bands you are also engaging your core and abs because you have to stabilize your body as you do the lift.


The Gentleman in this video demonstrates how to do each of these exercises. Give them a try the next time you’re at the gym.


13. TRX Triceps KickBack


14. TRX Triceps Extension


15. TRX Close Grip Press


16. TRX Close Grip Pushups


(photo credit: www.borntoworkout.com)


17. Close Grip Bench Press


This lift is great to work your chest and triceps!


Make sure you focus on your triceps when doing this, other wise your chest and shoulders will be used more if you don’t!


Make sure when doing this you use less weight than you usually bench with because your triceps cannot lift as much.


(photo credit: www.borntoworkout.com)


18. Close Grip Floor press


This lift is a variation of the close grip bench press.


The main difference is that you are doing it on the floor as it implies in the name.


This forces you to use your triceps more when doing this lift.


To do the lift, follow the steps that are in the picture.


(photo credit: www.weighttraining.guide)


19. Lying Triceps Extension

To do this lift, start by pressing the bar over your chest.


After that slowly let your upper arms drift back to about a 45° angle then bend your elbows to lower the bar behind your head.


Finally, extend them to return to the starting position.


Pro Tip: Keep your elbows in line with your wrists throughout


(Photo Credit: www.weighttraining.guide)


20. Pullover


I was debating about adding this one to the list because it works A LOT of muscle groups.


It does work the triceps though so I decided to add it.


This exercise is great for your upper! It works your chest, back, shoulders, and of course the triceps.


When doing this lift make sure you focus on the mind to muscle connection.


21. Lying dumbbell triceps extension


This exercise works both of your triceps on both arms simultaneously.


When doing this lift make sure your elbows stay in the same place and focus on your triceps when doing this to create the mind to muscle connection and get maximal results.


22. Decline triceps extension


For this exercise you do lying dumbbell triceps extension except at a decline.


This exercise like many on here are just a slight variation that forces you to use your muscles in different ways and put a different kind of (good) stress on them.


23. Band Push down


The Band push down is similar to the triceps cable push down exercises (down below).


Using a band is different though.


As you push it down there the band actually gains a little more resistance as it is stretched more and more.


This exercise adds a different element to the regular push down and it is great!


24. Cable Triceps Push down (Rope)


The cable triceps push down with a rope is one of my favorite triceps workouts, right behind dips!


This exercise is great to isolate the 3 heads of the triceps!


Make sure when doing this lift you keep your elbows tucked into your body and extend your arms with your triceps.


Don’t use your shoulders, weight, or momentum to get it down.


If you’re having to do that then lower the weight a little bit.



25. Cable Triceps Push down (Bar)


Number 25. The cable triceps push down (with a bar).


This lift is the same as all push down exercises…you push down…


The only difference with this one is that you are using a straight or slightly bent bar.

This changes what heads are working and it also involves your biceps just a little bit.

Well that concludes the list! If I left a lift out you love that works the triceps, leave a comment and I’ll probably add it!


Next time you’re at your home, in the gym, on vacation, or anywhere else looking to get a good arm or triceps workout in you now have 25 different lifts to target the triceps!


Don’t just let this this knowledge sit in your head! Use it and apply it to your workout routine!


If you found this post helpful then joining myself and others on the GAIN TRAIN would be very beneficial to you! I send updates, free workouts, tips and tricks, and much more! Hop aboard now!


You won’t regret it!



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