15 Killer Exercises to Torch Fat and Build Rock Solid Obliques

Getting a killer midsection that will turn heads takes more than doing thousands of crunches a month.


An old cliche saying, which was created by the workout and abs gurus themselves says,

“abs are made in the kitchen”.


Or as I like to say abs are shown in the kitchen.


But tomato, to-ma-to, potato, po-ta-to, same thing.


Anyways, having a low body percentage is essential to showing the abs you’ve worked so hard for and done countless numbers of crunches and planks for.


This is a well-known fact.


But a topic/fact that isn’t as well-known is the obliques.


In the past, workout gurus have refused to bring the topic into the light for everyone and instead opted to keep the secret of the obliques to themselves and kept us in the dark.


BUT the secret is no longer a secret.


The secret of working the obliques is that they give you a killer and god-like midsection that gives you magical powers that will help you conquer the world and get all the women/men you can get.


Just kidding…it’s not quite as good as the magical powers and irresistible sex magnet I mentioned but it’s a hair shy of that.


Working your obliques comes with many benefits.


One of the benefits of working out your obliques will give you a rock-solid core!


Having a steady and strong core helps you with everything like brushing your teeth, walking, lifting, jumping, running, and can even help your performance in bed. I think you get the idea…


Another benefit of working the obliques is that they will create a sexy set of abs to go along with your crop top or bikini…or if you are a guy to go along with your swimsuit, chest, shoulders, and arms!


Or heck no clothes, they’ll go great with anything!


Another little-known fact about the obliques is that The external abdominal oblique muscles are actually the largest of all your ab muscles!!


Let me say that again.


The External abdominal oblique muscles are THE LARGEST of ALL your ab muscles!

Check them out.

As you can see the obliques run along both sides of the body. They help with a ton of kinetic functions and bodily functions.


The obliques help everyone bend their torso side to side, rotate their torso left to right, and stabilize their back and spine.


In sports and lifting, the obliques help with explosiveness when turning and help to create a more complete athlete.


A well-written article by Dr.Yessis talks about the role of the abdominals in sports and mentions the obliques quite a bit throughout it which shows their importance!


Are you convinced you should work out your obliques yet??


I’ll answer that for you.




I don’t see how you couldn’t be on the oblique wagon or train now!!

Now that I’ve got you aboard I can show you some great oblique exercises that will torch fat, burn calories, and most important of all build a chiseled set of obliques!


The obliques are hard to isolate by themselves, but this is an extra bonus for all of us that are going to work them out.


While working out the obliques more often than not we’ll be working out other parts of our body like our glutes, core, shoulders, arms, abs, and hip flexors!!

1. Side planks


Start laying on your side. Put your elbow/forearm underneath and push up and hold your position there for a set amount of time.


Make sure your hip isn’t dropping. Your body should be in a straight line or as close as you can get it to straight.


Some people like to put their arm not supporting themselves straight up into the air, some keep it by their side. It doesn’t really matter that much.


After your done with one side switch to the other side and do it for the same amount of time.


2. Single Leg Side Planks


If you can’t hold a side plank for very long then stick with the regular side plank.


This is some next level stuff.


Not really, but it is harder.


Take up the side plank position then raise your leg that is on top. If your a pro hold it there in the air.


If that is too hard then lower it and bring it back up methodically then switch side after you’re done.


3. Side plank dips


This is another exercise that is on the next level. So stick to side planks if they are quite challenging.


Take up the side plank position.


Drop your hip.


Bring it back up.


Rinse and repeat.


Switch Sides.




4. Russian Twist



Russian twists are honestly my favorite oblique exercises!


To do russian twists grab a dumbbell, medicine ball, baby, or plate.


Just kidding about the baby…don’t do Russian twists with a baby unless of course that’s the only weight you can get your hands on…then, by all means, carry on.


Anyways now that you have a weight, sit down, cross your legs, raise your feet off the ground, and start twisting and touching the weight to the ground or close to the ground.


Pro tips:


-Try to keep your legs in the same position. They should be holding still for the most part and not be flailing all over the place.


-look forward, don’t look side to side as you move the weight.


5. Spiderman Plank



Start by getting in a regular plank position (be on your hands, not your elbows).


Bring your right knee toward your right elbow.


Put it back where it originally was.


Bring your left knee toward your left elbow.


Put it back where it originally was.


Keep going till you have obliques like Greek God Zeus!


6. T-Rotation


Do what this guy does.


7. Bird Dog Crunch



Ahhh bird dog an excellent yoga pose.


Add a crunch and it will torch your obliques!!


Start by getting on all fours. Get into the bird dog pose, or in other words, put one of your arms straight out and the opposite leg back and straight.


Pull your arm in with a twisting motion so your palm faces upwards. While doing that bring your leg in at the same time and touch your elbow to the knee you brought in.


Most importantly is to “crunch” and arch your back as you bring them in and have them touch.

Do a couple more then switch sides.


8. Medicine Ball Wall Ball



Medicine ball wall ball is a great exercise to torch the obliques and burn fat.


Start by finding a suitable wall that’s brick or sturdy enough to take a good hit.


Get a soft wall ball like this one, grab it, and face away sideways from the wall so the outside of your left or right shoulder is facing the wall (perpendicular to the wall).


Have your feet in an athletic stance, and be a comfortable distance from the wall.


Hold the ball with your arms straight out.


Twist from the midsection and release the ball.


Catch it.


Wind back up and throw it a couple more times until you’ve completed the set.


Then switch sides.


9. Side Bends



Grab a kettle bell, dumbbell, or any other weight you can get your hands on.


Have your feet be shoulder-width apart.


Hold it in one hand and bend towards that side from the midsection.


Then pull with your obliques to bring yourself back to a neutral stance.


Do as many reps as your doing and switch sides.


10. Standing Side Crunch



Just watch this video to see how it’s done.


11. Sitting Side crunch



Sit down as if your going to do crunches. Then lay your legs on top of each other to one side.


Start doing crunches going straight up.


Switch sides.


12. Single Arm Farmers Carry



Grab a fairly heavy kettle bell or dumbbell in one hand. Stand straight up and walk down a hallway or set distance.


Switch hands and walk back.


13. Hanging Hurdle



Grab a bench, chair, or some sort of piece of equipment that’s not being used and move it into the center of a pull up bar.


Grab onto a bar as if you were going to do pull ups.


Pull your legs up and around the object in a controlled manner and bring them back down on the other side in a controlled manner.


Go back over the other way doing the same thing.


Keep going till your abs, obliques, and core feel like they’re on fire.


14. Hanging Oblique Raise



Grab onto a pull up bar and keep your feet together. “Twist” and pull your ankles up to one side.


Watch this video if you’ve never done them or if they sound confusing.


15. Half kneeling cable chops



Set a cable so it is in a high position and attach a rope to it.


Get a pad so you don’t hurt your knees, and kneel down so you are sideways relative to the cable machine.


Grab the rope with both hands then twist with your torso and bring your hands down and to the other side.


Now that you know all the exercises to a set of obliques that will impress anyone all you need is a workout!


You could make your own out of these 15 lifts but that could take a lot of your time!


Or you could simply fill out the fields down below and get a FREE killer obliques workout made by Mr.Workout himself!


Skyrocket your obliques gains by following my FREE workout!






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