Everyone has insecurities.

Everyone looks in the mirror and thinks “I wish (blank) was bigger”.

I am fat and I need to be skinnier.

I need to get bigger and stronger.

I need bigger muscles and need to cut fat.

Lifting less can help fix your form and help any skinny guy build muscle

For some people like YOU it is a way of motivating yourself to get into the gym. 

It is probably one of the ways you give yourself the extra push you may need in the morning to get out of your warm and comfy bed and into the gym to pump some iron, get to your classes, and get on the treadmill.

I don’t know you personally and how long you’ve been going to the gym, but you will find that the insecurities never go away.

As you lift and lift and lift and do cardio session after cardio session you will find new things you don’t like about your body or you don’t see and appreciate the small changes being made everyday over time.

For some people this EATS AWAY AT THEM.

Every time they look in the mirror they hate themselves and their body.

BUT others look at that same person and their body and envy it.

The best way to fix this problem is by learning to have a healthy image of yourself, being happy, and becoming the best version of yourself you can be!


The Blog/Website mrworkout.net was created on November 21, 2018 and has steadily been growing since. 

Mr.Workout is a page that focuses on fitness, working out, lifting, gym products, services, and everything that has to do with the gym and helping you become the best version of yourself you can be!

You learning to love your body in a healthy way and improving yourself fills me with happiness and will surely make you happy as well.

I WANT to help you find a healthy balance where you are happy with how your body is BUT at the same time WANT to become a better version of yourself!

That is worth more than gold to me.

The fitness industry and world is full of misinformation because it’s main job is to make money.

It is very sad to see how good people are taken advantage of everyday by being sold on empty promises through pills, powders, and snake oil.

The purpose of this blog/website is to provide beginners and veterans alike with quality information and only the best products and services backed by science!

In every article and with every product and service I recommend, I try to back it up with at least one credible source!

My job is to provide you all the information you’ll ever need and more but that is only half of the job.

The other half is up to you!

Your job to apply the grit and grind to make things happen and to see the changes!

I hope to make the experience a good one for me and you by helping everyone along their path, and doing my best to make it fun and stress free.

I would love to help you along your your path.

BUT I can only help you if you take the first step.

The first step is joining Mr.Workout’s GAIN TRAIN!

The GAIN TRAIN is my nickname I give to my email list!

I send out helpful information every now and again and do my best to make them personal. It’s almost like your getting a letter from an old friend! 

And I do my best to respond to every reply I get!

So you can tell me how your days going, what your struggling with, how great the new street taco shop is you found the other day, or pretty much anything else.

I also promise not to sell your email to any company or ANYBODY because that’s something friends don’t do. You don’t sell your friends email address. That’s messed up if you do.

The GAIN TRAIN isn’t just an email list. It is a COMMUNITY!

When you surround yourself with like-minded people you are more likely to achieve your goals!

Join the GAIN TRAIN NOW!!!!

Please 🙂


My name’s Alex Tholen and I’m the founder of Mr.Workout.net.



I’m 19, and have a passion for fitness, sports, health, food, lifting, and entrepreneurship.



I love being in the gym and I am currently a college athlete playing soccer for USUE and am also competing in the UPSL with A-Stars.



I plan on going into the fitness field and majoring in business….or maybe something in the sciences…I’m still figuring it out…



I decided to combine my passion for lifting, entrepreneurship, and writing style to create Mr.Workout!



Each article/post is crafted with love, passion, hard work, and sore fingers from typing.


Each article is also checked over by Jennifer Tholen who has a masters in kinesiology and health science and has been involved in the fitness industry for 20+ years!




I hope you find Mr.Workout useful and stick around for upcoming posts in the future!l


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