5 Ways Skinny Guys can get Big Arms

5 ways skinny guys can build big arms
Small and skinny syndrome. Thousands….MILLIONS of guys in the U.S and the world are cursed with this syndrome.
It is well known that you can’t change your genetics you are born with unless you do some crazy Spider man/X-man shit… Along with your genetics, and your muscle fiber ratio, body type, and hormones determine how much muscle you can build.
Since you’re here reading this, I imagine your parents weren’t godly figures, bodybuilders, or anywhere close to those two options.
If they did fit in one of those two categories that were formerly mentioned you probably already have big arms….wait, why are you even here then??
Anyways, your genetics and a couple other factors you don’t have a lot of control over can pre-determine how easily you will gain muscle.
Now don’t be so quick to pick up the phone to start ranting at your parents for the genetics they gave you.
There is still hope.
ANYONE at any age can get bigger arms even if they have small and skinny syndrome.

It will take hard work, consistency, and the equivalent of a grocery store in your house to prepare you for all the food your about to start eating.

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5 Ways Skinny Guys can Get Big Arms




1. Workout your arms more

If you are wondering how to get bigger arms, lifting more is essential!
In order to get bigger arms, you’ve got to lift more.
That means that the popular bro split won’t cut it.
If you’re not familiar with the bro split, it is a popular workout split where each day of the week is devoted to working out 1 muscle group a day.
For example: chest Monday, back Tuesday, legs Wednesday, arms Thursday, shoulders Friday, rest Saturday, rest Sunday.
This split is good, but it has been found through research that lifting a muscle group twice a week or three times a week with the same volume promote superior hypertrophic outcomes.
So for the case of arms, you need to either add in one or two other arm sessions each week.
This means you either add arms in with other days in the bro split, or do a different split completely like an upper/lower or push/pull split.
More is not always better though.
Don’t mistake lifting more for only doing arms.
Working your arms 2-3 times a week is optimal because it allows your arms time to rest, recover, and get bigger and stronger.
If you need the 5 best lifts for your biceps check out my post!!
If you need the 5 best lifts for your biceps check out my post!!
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Also if you’re looking for all the triceps lifts you’ll ever need, I have a post that lists 25!!! I bet you haven’t done them all!!

2. Eat more

Diet for muscle muscle building workout for men
Nutrition is just as important as working out.
Nutrition is important because it is the way your body pays you for all the hard work you’ve done in the gym.
Working out gives you the potential to grow muscle and nutrition is the part that actually “pays” you and builds the muscle.
If you’re not getting enough calories or macro-nutrients your body doesn’t have enough to payout and you won’t grow muscle.
Skinny guys like yourself are skinny for a reason.
You more than likely have a high metabolism and your not eating enough to make up for it.
I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over but you need to eat more!!!
Not just protein shakes, but actual food and calories!!
This will ensure that you have excess calories and nutrients to grow muscle!
As a general rule of thumb for every 10-15 lbs of weight you gain, you’ll gain 1-2 inches around your arm.
What this means is you’ve got to eat A LOT and be consistent!!

I have found that if you track what you eat and the calories, it makes you more conscious and really tells you if you’ve eaten enough for the day. 

And it helps you be in the game for the long run and not fizzle out.

A GREAT way you can reach your protein and nutritional goals each day is through supplements!

Supplements are great because they can add the extra 25g-50g of protein or any other nutrient you failed to meet with your diet for the day!

But be careful.

Supplements are supplemental to the diet!

They should be in addition to your regular diet and should never replace a meal because your body needs actual food to live!

There are thousands of supplement companies out there and more keep popping up each and every day!

It can be hard to find a company that is honest, transparent, and only provides high quality products.

But this is where Transparent Labs comes in!

Transparent Labs is one of the best supplement companies around! They provide very very high quality supplements and are transparent with all the ingredients in their products!

Check them out and my honest and unbiased review of some of their products!


3. Do Big Compound Lifts

Compounds lifts are a great way to build muscle, especially for skinny guys trying to build muscle
As I mentioned before you need to gain 10-15 lbs of weight to add an inch or two to your arms.
The best and most effective way to do this is through big compound lifts like squat, deadlift, and bench.
Compound lifts engage a ton of muscle fibers from multiple muscle groups, use multiple joints throughout the lift, allow you to lift more, and will give you the most bang for your buck.
The only drawback is that they kinda suck.
They’re hard, exhausting, and require you to use your legs if you’re squatting or deadlifting…
But the pro’s of compound lifts far outweigh the cons.
So man up, and go do them.

4. Lift Less Weight When Working Out Your Arms

Lifting less can help fix your form and help any skinny guy build muscle
This step is the hardest to do out of all of them. (Cough, Cough…Sarcasm)
This cheat code/hack requires you to take a good look in the mirror, take a deep breath, and leave your ego at home.
The name of the game is good form.
Good form will promote more muscles fibers and isolate your arms far more than if you use heavy weight and use everything but your arms to bring the weight up.
Curling 45 lbs for 5 shitty reps where you used your legs, torso, and momentum to bring the weight up for each weight is far worse than if you used 30 lbs and did 10 great reps only using your arms!!!
Also, focus on squeezing out each rep so the maximum number of muscle fibers are engaged and you create a mind to muscle connection.


5. Don’t Quit….You’re In This for the Long Run

Muscle doesn’t grow overnight…well it does…but it takes a long time to grow a large amount of muscle.
Working out to get bigger/get bigger arms is a marathon and not a short sprint.
Consistency is the most important step because it is vital that you continue to progress and keep working out.
Your growth will not always be linear but you need to make sure you stick to your game plan for the long run and keep your goal in sight through the months and years.
This step is the most important and is where most people fail.
But I believe in you.
To round it all up workout your arms 2-3 times a week, eat more, do big compound lifts throughout the week, lose your ego, and be consistent.
If you keep these 5 tips in mind and implement them into your routine and lifestyle over an extended period of time you’ll be big and have bigger arms in no time.
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