5 Glutes Workouts for a Bubble Butt and Wider Hips

5 Glute Workouts for a Bubble Butt
 Looking to get a sexy and rounded bum??
Look no further for you have found the answer!
This post has actual workouts and isn’t just a list post of exercises for the glutes!!!
Keep reading to learn more!
The glutes are the biggest and are regarded as the most powerful muscles in the body. They are responsible for swinging your hips and moving your thighs!
For ladies, the perception of “beauty” has shifted the woman figure into an hourglass figure where there are wide hips and a big booty.
Sadly this has led to people with cases of anorexia, anxiety, feelings of not belonging, shame, and never being satisfied with themselves.
This should not be the case.
Ladies, you are beautiful just the way you are and shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to achieve the “perfect” figure.
What you should be aiming for is a healthy lifestyle.
But it is perfectly fine if you want to better yourself and get stronger and the byproduct happens to be an hourglass figure or a bigger bum!!
For guys, having big and strong glutes are just as beneficial as it is to women.
Having strong glutes helps stabilize the hips, prevent injuries, improve posture, and help with tasks such as picking up heavy objects and climbing long lengths of stairs or hiking!
There is no reason anyone shouldn’t workout the glutes!!
Now onto the workouts!!

5 Glutes Workouts for a Bigger Bum and Wider Hips


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bubble butt workout

1. Kylie Jenner’s Big Bum Workout


When anyone in Hollywood or the Beverly Hills has a weight emergency or is trying to get a certain physique they go straight to personal trainer Gunnar Peterson.
He has an e-book that covers everything he teaches and has celebrities and athletes do. Here’s Kylie Jenner’s workout, based on Gunnar Peterson’s book.
He has an e-book that covers everything he teaches and has celebrities and athletes do. Here’s Kylie Jenner’s workout, based on Gunnar Peterson’s book.
Repeat the circuit 2-3 times

2. Wider Hips + Big Booty Blaster Workout

Walking Lunges420
Elevated Weighted Glute Bridge420
Goblet Squats412-20
Glute Kickbakcs530 each leg
Bulgarian Split Squats412 each leg
DB Hamstring Curls412


3. Glute Destroyer Workout

Deep Squats412
Barbell Hip Thrusts48
Cable Leg Kickabcks410 each leg
Romanian Deadlifs410
Bridge41 minute
Wall Sits41 minute

4. Add Major Mass To The Ass Workout

Good Mornings412
Wide Stance Deadlifts412
Bulgarian Lunges38
Wall Sits41 minute
Bridge41 minute

5. Workout for Glorious Glutes and Wider Hips


Hip Thrust38-10
Bulgarian Split Squat38-10
Romanian Deadlift315-20
Try all of these workouts over the next couple of weeks and you’ll have a strong and good looking behind in no time!
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