5 Effective Lifts for Bigger Biceps

Looking to get tickets to the gun show this summer or season? Or better yet, to be the gun show?! Well luckily for you I’m getting people into the show by showing people like you how to get bigger biceps!
Many guys feel that their arms are too small and many of them try to fix it by pumping rep after rep of curls to no avail.
BUT, there are secrets to getting bigger arms and biceps that not many people know or use to fix the common problem of “small arms”.
Before I tell you the secret or get you into the gun show, you must listen to the origin story of the great gun show.
In the beginning, the god(s) wrote into law that if the sun’s out, then gunz must be out.

Simple yet pure.
When the sun was out, and the gunz were out, gun shows would take place as others could admire the pure mass and size of others arms from anywhere.
The law has been in place since the beginning of time and gym disciples have done and still do their best to follow it.
Not all gym disciples follow this law out of pure obedience…it is mostly out of their pride and ego. They want to share their masterpieces with others….and themselves through mirrors or anything that offered some sort of reflection…
No matter the motive, whether personal or more pure, the months before the days began to get longer and hotter were devoted to building the gunz.
Those devoted to the law would pump rep after rep of iron and drink protein shake after protein shake in order to fulfill it.
Some would succeed…but most seemed to fail or only partly succeeded.
When the time came to flex their pythons on the beach and in front of car windows, mirrors, the new lady working the gym membership sign up desk, friends, and the gods themselves, some were bathed in self glory, ego, and women while others were forced to never show their gunz because of their smallness and shame.
Those having small arms and feelings of shame and were forced into exile for disobeying the law.
“The small ones” would spend the rest of the season without showing their gunz and because of this, they lost all confidence, hope, and their drive to even live….aka workout…
The gun show cycle has been going on since the beginning of time and this world has been blessed with some godly arms achieved by pros and by everyday gym goers!!!
Yes, you heard me right, godly arms can be achieved by everyday gym disciples. You or anyone else will no longer have to hide their arms this whole summer or even worse lose their drive to workout because of lame results!
It will take a lot of work, but with a little bit of discipline and hard work, anyone can please the god(s), themselves, friends, and most importantly that new woman running the reception desk at your gym.
Let’s get to work.
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How to Get Bigger Biceps


Before you try to get bigger biceps, make sure you know the 4 Secrets to Getting Bigger Arms. (I am writing this as you’re reading this, I’ll post it soon)
As many of you probably know the arm is divided into two muscles groups.
The gunz themselves, the biceps, and its right-hand man…or left hand if it’s your left arm…the triceps.
It is vital to work both of these groups of muscles to build a huge set of guns AND a balanced set of arms.
I mean big biceps are sweet but why not just get your whole arm big?

Pro Tip: The triceps are actually the bigger muscle of the arm! They make up about ⅔ of the total mass of your arm! So make sure to workout your triceps to get big big.

Read 25 lifts to get Bigger Triceps if you need some triceps lifts or some new ideas for working your triceps to spice up your regular routine.
Read 25 lifts to get Bigger Triceps if you need some triceps lifts or some new ideas for working your triceps to spice up your regular routine.
When both are worked out consistently paired with proper nutrition and rest, you’ll definitely have to get new shirts for your new arms or have a tailor fix your shirts so you don’t rip through them!

*Make sure you call your tailor, mom, or whoever fixes your shirt right now so they can be ready to fix your whole closet or drawer full of shirts after you start ripping through them after doing these lifts.



5 Lifts to Get Bigger Biceps


Note: There are about a thousand other biceps lifts or variations out there, but these lifts are the ones that I have found give me the best pump. These lifts also workout one or sometimes both heads of the biceps (the inner bicep or the long head, and the outer bicep AKA the short head).


1. Standing Barbell Curl


The standing barbell curl is probably one of the second most done biceps exercises right after the dumbbell curl.
This basic exercise is an essential lift for those just starting to hit the gym and also for veterans who are trying to gain size and mass.
You can add a lot of weight for this lift and engage a lot of muscles fibers in your arms as well as your core, abs, shoulders, and traps!
Make sure you do an ego check before doing this lift.
Good form should not be sacrificed for trying to out lift your gym bro or the random dude your next too that you shouldn’t be giving a shit about or caring what he thinks.
You don’t need to throw your back out, injure yourself, or receive less gainz trying to impress someone who doesn’t care.
After you’ve done an ego check and have been humbled, then you can start repping the iron and receiving the gainz.
Remember the points I mentioned in the Secrets to Getting Bigger Arms. Time under tension, volume, and form are key.


2. Hammer Curls


Hammer curls are an underutilized legendary lift that will increase your arms by 1” with each and every curl and pump.
Just kidding, they won’t quite do that but they are a great lift nonetheless.
Hammer curls use a neutral grip that works the biceps a little differently than other biceps exercises that use the more traditional grip where your palm faces towards yourself at the peak of the curl.
This neutral grip workouts different parts of your biceps in different ways than other lifts and will help you build a more balanced set of arms.
Hammer curls don’t just work your biceps, they also help develop your forearm! Why would you want your forearm developed?
So you don’t have huge arms and twig-like lower arms that suck. That should be enough motivation to do these.

3. Preacher Curl


The preacher curl is a great isolation lift that won’t really build a lot of mass like the other lifts, but instead will focus on the peak of the biceps that the mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous.
Make sure when doing this lift you focus on contracting your biceps more and make sure you have your biceps under tension long enough.
Again, check your ego if you got it back after getting done with the barbell curls.

4. Incline Dumbbell Curl


I had never heard about this exercise until I came across it a couple years ago. If you haven’t done this one, then do it! It’s a killer!
Incline dumbbell curls differ from regular curls because…
– You’re on an incline (duh)
-It works the biceps brachii more (the largest and most visible biceps muscle.
Incline dumbbell curls also take away the full hip swing people use to lift more weight when doing standing curls. This lift forces you to use good form and use an amount of lift you can actually lift with your biceps alone and not your whole body.
Make sure when doing this exercise that you don’t put too much stress on your neck. It’s alright to flex and tighten it, but don’t stretch it forward otherwise, it will destroy your spine over time.

5. Single Arm Preacher Curl


The single arm preacher curl is the brother of the preacher curl. It’s literally the same thing as the preacher curl except it’s done with dumbbells and one arm.
This exercise is great because it makes sure that each arm is lifting the same amount of weight. In the regular preacher curl, your right or left arm could be overcompensating and lifting more than the other because you’re using a single e-z bar.
With the single arm preacher curl that is not the case.
And it will let you know if one of your arms is significantly weaker by not being able to do as many reps as the other arm.
If this happens, then lower the weight and use your weak arm first to set the amount that you’ll do with your other arm.
The single arm preacher curl is another great lift to get the legendary “pump” and will put mass on your arms in no time.
Sadly that concludes the lifting part.
As summer is coming around begin to build your arms up so when someone, a mirror, or yourself says, “let’s see your muscles” you won’t hesitate to blast them away with your gunz!
Make yourself proud, make the gods proud, and get big arms.
Remember to stay consistent in the gym and keep your end goal in sight.
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