💥15 Full Body Workouts to Build Muscle 💥

15 full body workouts that actually build muscle
If you want to get right to the workouts, scroll down. If you want to hear what I have to say and list some benefits of full body workouts, then keep reading!
Full Body workouts are great.
Many people (actually pretty much everyone) have lives to live, things to do, people to see, and kids to take care of.
Some days it is a miracle in and of itself to make it to the gym.
I’m sure the thought has come across your mind to quit and give up on your dream of having a six pac, huge shoulders, a huge chest, and rippling arms.
While we’re at it, your dream also includes you and your dream body riding a horse on the beach into the sunset…
What a life.
Being busy and having to do normal people things doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream.
This is where full body workouts come in to save your health, body, and most importantly you riding that horse into the sunset.
Full body workouts are great if you are in a crunch for time, can only make it to the gym once or twice per week (or lucky if that many), are just beginning in the gym, are cardio crazy, or if you just prefer them to split routines!
Full body workouts are a great way to burn fat, build strength, get in shape, and get your blood pumping.
Full body workouts are also great for the seasoned gym veteran.
They are great when on vacation and forced to use a shotty hotel gym, coming back after a break like being sick or injured…or slacking off!
(Check out my post Hotel Gym Workout)
I personally use full body workouts in those situations.
I’ve done multiple full body workouts when on vacation, after I’m coming back from an injury, and, many moons ago, when I was first starting out in the gym!
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Benefits of Full Body Workouts

There are many benefits to doing full body workouts.
Some include larger weekly testosterone boosts, easier manipulation, ability to be done outside the gym, ability to burn fat faster than other splits, flexibility in schedule, increased muscular recover rates, and ability to do other things outside of working out.
My favorite’s include increased muscular recover rates and doing other things outside of working out.
Unless you are just barely starting or getting back to the gym after a long break, a full body workout will not destroy your muscles to the point where you must walk like the tin man for the next 3 days.
Not being sore for days on end allows you to do other things you like to do like maybe hiking, biking, running, or my personal favorite, just being able to walk up stairs like a normal person and not look like fool (if you’ve hit legs HARD before you know what I’m talking about).

The Working out Part

As always consult with a doctor or professional before beginning an exercise routine.
*I’m not responsible for any injuries or problems that may occur from using these programs.
But you shouldn’t have to much to worry about as long as you’re healthy, use proper form, warm up, and use a safe amount of weight!
full body workout plan
workout for the full body day 2
workout for the full body day 4
workout to build muscle fast
Muscle and strength workout
full body workout to build muscle quickly
build muscle fast with this workout routine
For this 5 day workout routine you will do a small amount of cardio between superset sets. In between superset sets jump rope for 30 seconds or quickly get on a stationary bike or something.
The supersets are the same colored boxes.
So for the first one, leg press and dumbbell shoulder press, do a 15 leg presses then immediately do 10 DB shoulder presses. After that jump rope or do cardio for 30 seconds.
Then rest 40-60 seconds.
That’s one set.
quick workout for the body when your in a time crunch
full body muscle shred workout routine
Muscle Pump Full Body Workout for Strength and for men
workout for building strength
Workout for beginners
Fast full body workout routine
Try one or all of these workouts and tell me how they went! If you found this post helpful you need to get aboard the GAIN TRAIN if you’re not on it!
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