10 Best Ways for You to Lose Weight Quickly!

Lose Weight Quick

Losing weight quickly is a goal many people have; I mean who wouldn’t want to lose a pound or two! Or even 20 lbs, 30 lbs, or 50 lbs!! But the best way to do it is a way you enjoy to. 

Losing some weight or a lot will do wonders for your physique and make you feel better in the process! 

I’m sure you already know this, but to lose weight quickly you have to “spend” or burn more calories than you intake in the form of food and drinks!

The Elephant in the Room for Weight Loss...

Tips for Losing Weight

I think you already know what I’m going to say but it must be said.

Diet and exercise.

Phew, that wasn’t that bad was it?

Diet is a vital part of weight loss and you must have it under control or somewhat under control.

But dieting is not the only way to lose weight.

(Learn about the 10 foods you must avoid if you want abs)

There are 2 areas you can control to take control of your body and weight.

What you eat and what you do.

Limiting what you eat is one way to lose weight quickly and is one of the most effective ways. You can do this by choosing more healthy foods that pack a lot of nutrients and are fairly low in calories.

For some people, this is the way to go! It works for them and they find a way to make it work and maybe even like it.

But that is not the way for me, and I imagine it is not for you.

How I Control My Calories

I prefer to eat what I want (mostly) and not starve myself throughout the entire day or month! Then to exercise later in the day or early in the morning and burn the extra calories off that I need to!

This allows me to eat what I want for the most part yet still be at a calorie deficit. I still keep track of what I eat loosely, but I can enjoy a small cheat meal here or there! Then workout and put myself in a caloric deficit!

I also don’t like wasting my time and I’m sure you would agree with me that wasting time is not smart and should be avoided.

That is why I prefer to do the most effective exercises or activities that burn the most calories!

This list puts together some of the best ways to burn calories that are practical. I did my research and looked at some other lists online, but they included weird things and activities like ice skating, taekwondo, and rollerblading.

Don’t get me wrong ice skating, taekwondo, and rollerblading are great ways to burn calories and were fairly high on the list, but most people don’t do those things!

So this list is made up of activities that most everyone can do or already does!

Top 10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

Note: All of these activities tell the number of calories a 200 lb person would burn doing for an hour. It’s not exact but it will give you a rough estimate.

Losing weight isn’t about starving yourself or doing exercises and workouts you dread. If you are going to do this for the long run, you have to be doing something you enjoy.

If you are doing something you enjoy and makes you happy you won’t even realize you are “working out”. Here are the top 10 practical activities that burn calories and burn fat!

10. Power Yoga ~ 364 Calories/Hour

Power Yoga is a fantastic way to torch calories and get a great workout in! Give it a try!

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, become more flexible, and help to maybe find peace in your life! Power Yoga adds a lot more movement, adds some strength movements, and becomes a workout that will help you lose weight quickly and become more flexible! Give it a try!

Give this Yoga Workout a try!

9. A Brisk Walk ~ 391 Calories/Hour

Walking is a popular way to lose weight fast! Walk the calories away!

Walking is a popular way to lose weight fast. The faster you walk and longer the more calories you’ll burn! So get walking!

Check out this article to learn more about walking to lose weight! Find out how long and fast you need to walk to burn the amount of calories you want to!

8. Weight Lifting ~ 455 Calories/Hour

Weight training is a fantastic way to burn calories and build muscle.

Weight lifting is a popular way to not only get stronger and build muscle but to also burn a couple of calories! As you gain more muscle your body will require more energy to run and will burn more calories in the long run! The key is to stay consistent!

Cough…cough…if you need or want to learn more check out all of mrworkout!

7. Water Aerobics ~ 501 Calories/Hour

Water aerobics is a low impact exercise that burns a good amount of calories per hour!

Water aerobics is a great low impact activity that is often done in classes! Jump in one next time to burn around 500 calories!

6. Hiking / Rowing ~ 546 Calories/Hour

Hiking is an amazing way to get fresh air, get your blood going, and to lose weight quickly!

Hiking and rowing are another great set of activities to burn calories and to lose weight! They don’t really have anything in common except that they burn around the same amount of calories. 

Rowing can be done on a machine in the gym or out at a lake if you’re really feeling it. Make sure when you’re hiking you lay off the trail mix and snacks! Also, make sure to drink tons of water.

Check out my ultimate rowing guide here!

5. High Impact Aerobics ~ 664 Calories/Hour

4. Running up Stairs ~ 819 Calories/Hour

Running is another great way to burn calories and lose weight fast!

Running (spoiler) is one of the best ways to burn calories and lose weight quickly. Add some stairs and you’ll burn even more! Even if you don’t feel like running, walking up stairs burns more than walking normally. Give it a try!

3. Swimming Vigorously ~ 892 Calories/Hour

Swimming to lose weight

Swimming is a fantastic way to burn calories. Even if you’re not doing it “vigorously”. But if you do, you’ll torch fat and cut A TON of calories! The keep is to keep the intensity up! Try intervals of high intensity and low intensity to get the best of both worlds!

2. Running (8 mph ) ~ 1,074 Calories/Hour

Run to lose weight

Running is number two on our list but because they’re so close I’d say it is tied for first place. Running is one of the most effective ways to burn calories! The faster you run the more you’ll burn.

Intervals are a great way to mix in periods of high intensity and periods of low intensity and fight off boredom if you don’t like running for minutes on end.

As you run more consistently and for longer you’ll be able to run faster and longer and be able to burn more calories each session!

1. Jumping Rope ~ 1,084 Calories/Hour

Jumping rope burns A TON of calories

Jumping rope is number one on the list!! Jumping rope burns over 1,000 calories (for a 200 lb person) per hour.

If you want to burn even more and get a shoulder and arm workout use a weighted jump rope!

That sums up the 10 best activities and exercises to lose weight fast! Add these into your daily and weekly routine to cut calories and lose weight quickly!

Remember to keep an eye on your diet and keep track of what you’re eating so you’re not eating your results away!

If you ever get bored of one activity add in one or two more of the others on this list and do a circuit or try intervals to spice it up!


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